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The services of the Judith Anderson Herbert Writing Center are currently available online for UT students. Video-based appointments are available in the following schedules:

Summer Session (limited hours):

    • Undergraduate Student Writing Help: For undergraduate students in any subject/any course, including students whose first language is not English, who are writing in any subject/any course.
    • Graduate Student Writing Help: For graduate students, including those whose first language is not English, who are writing in any subject/any course or writing a thesis or dissertation. (Not an editing service; contact for referrals to local freelance editors.)
    • Application Materials Help: For current UT students working on a personal statement, cover letter, CV/resume, graduate school or job application, or any other type of application document(s). 

Updates and further details about our services are posted on our our website


To make an appointment (instructions also viewable on this page):

  • First-time users of WC Online must register for a free account. 
  • Log in and select the appropriate schedule. 
  • Change the week as desired. Appointments may be made up to 7 days in advance.
  • Appointments are listed in Eastern time. Available times are shown in white boxes. Click on the desired time and complete all requested information. Use the drop-down boxes to adjust the appointment length (if available). Use the "Waiting List" feature if desired.  
  • Attach your draft and/or assignment when you make your appointment, if possible. 
  • Click “Create Appointment.” 
  • Create an alert for the appointment in your calendar or planner.
  • Read the confirmation and reminder emails you receive.

When it’s time for your appointment:

  • A few minutes before your appointment, log in here, open the schedule, click on your appointment slot, and click "Start or Join Consultation." Be sure to allow camera and microphone access and enable pop-ups from WCOnline.

Cancel in advance if you cannot make it:

If you cannot make it to your appointment, kindly cancel in advance. Not showing up prevents other students from getting help at a time you booked but didn’t use. Log in, click on your appointment box, and click “Cancel Appointment.” Students who miss more than 3 appointments without canceling ahead of time will not be able to continue to make appointments. 

Questions? Email

Having trouble logging in? Enter your email address below and then click "Reset Password." The system will immediately email you with instructions for changing your password. If you do not receive that email in a few minutes, please check your spam filter.

Receiving unwanted text messages from this system? This system can send appointment reminder and waiting list notifications via text message, but only if a cell phone number and carrier is entered by a client when creating or updating an account on the system.

If you have an account on the system, log in to edit your profile and modify your cell phone preferences. If you do not have an account on this system, it's possible that your cell phone number was entered accidentally. Fill out the form below to remove your number immediately.